Facing the Risk Safely When Handling Hazardous Drugs

[Dave Schneider, president of Carmel Pharma, USA since 2006, writes his industry observations, opinions and musings in the company blog titled, President’s Post.  As a leader, entrepreneur and educator, Dave travels the world engaging in conversations with healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and industry leaders.]

Hi.  I’m Dave.  Welcome to the inaugural blog of the President’s Post.  Speaking on behalf of Carmel Pharma as the “official blogger” is an honor I whole-heartedly embrace. I am instantly cooler with my kids and my colleagues are applauding me. It’s because of the outstanding performance of my colleagues I am afforded the time and luxury to speak in this open forum and serve as a champion for the safe handling of hazardous drugs and the use of a closed-system drug transfer device.

I tip my hat to those nurses and pharmacists who handle hazardous drugs.  Instead of a normal job like mine, their jobs are more like a police officer, a fire fighter or military personnel because they are taking risks every day. Medical personnel handling hazardous drugs are being exposed to very dangerous chemicals that are helpful for sick patients who need them, but harmful – possibly even deadly – to healthy people who don’t.

Each time I read the research about how repeated exposure to hazardous drugs may cause infertility, miscarriages, birth defects, leukemia and other forms of cancer, I marvel at the brave individuals who care for cancer patients and how much I want to make sure those individuals have the information and equipment necessary to keep them safe.

To my chagrin, I will run into practitioners who don’t know about (or don’t believe in) the research that documents the level of danger improper handling of hazardous drugs places them in.  It is a passion of mine to ensure practitioners are afforded all the information they need to make good decisions.

We recognize we are a leader in the industry as we were the first company to introduce a closed-system drug transfer device to the market.  We’re also the leader when it comes to education, which is why we created Safe Handling Awareness Month and Day.  The event is designed to inform and educate on the safe handling of hazardous drugs. We hope this initiative will lead to greater knowledge and awareness among nurses, pharmacists and technicians.  We’re pleased to see participation levels grow by more than 50% year after year.

Now, it’s your turn.  I want to hear from you. Addressing industry issues and sharing my perspective is great, but most meaningful is hitting the topics relevant to you. I want your questions and comments to serve as a catalyst for future blog postings.

Talk to us!

Do you adhere to the safe handling of hazardous drugs? – or – Do you respect the research and studies that document the dangers of handling hazardous drugs?

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