Light Your Fire

I had the great privilege of congratulating our top performers last week at the company’s annual sales meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It was great to recognize all the hard-working people from sales, clinical support and product development.  But even better was lighting the fire!

Early in the week, I shared a quote:

“Education is not merely the filling of a bucket, but rather  the lighting of a fire.”
                                  -William Butler Yeats

 I got a kick out of watching this very smart company soak up knowledge that I knew would eventually light fires within our customers. It was education at its best. It was knowledge I knew would be put into action.

Those who know me can vouch that I am passionate about providing education on the safe handling of hazardous drugs. When nurses, pharmacists and technicians understand the risks of exposure to genotoxic drugs, it is the first step in educating themselves about the dangerous effects of preparing and/or administering hazardous drugs. Without the proper information, knowledge and understanding of these risks, the efforts taken can become more token in nature than real improvements in workplace safety.

I am often asked, “What do you value most about sponsoring National Safe Handling Awareness Day?”  My answer: The fact that we are continuing to educate the marketplace about the risks of hazardous drug exposure and the benefits to improving their workplace safety, from the pharmacy to nursing administration to waste disposal.

There is not enough education about the dangers.  Honestly, it is general education that we are trying to raise. When I see someone using PhaSeal, which is what we manufacture, I take satisfaction knowing they are using the only closed-system drug transfer device on the market with clinical evidence and that meets the NIOSH, ASHP and ISOPP definition of a closed-system drug transfer device. As important as I believe it is to use medical products with independent, peer-reviewed evidence behind them, I also believe we must support and increase the general education and knowledge of an issue such as safe handling, which is the goal of Safe Handling Awareness Day.

From my perspective, Safe Handling Awareness Day is about understanding that if we educate a customer, we increase the odds of them having a better decision making process when evaluating how they need to act to improve their workplace safety. Whether or not they buy PhaSeal, we want them to improve their safe handling procedures.

Summing it up, let me say I hope the outcome of Safe Handling Awareness Day will elevate the level of awareness everyone needs as they go about their day-to-day work.

This is the education I’m talking about.  We must not just fill the bucket, but we hope to light the fire for customers to take on the initiative of improving their workplace safety.

This is the fire that must be lit.

Let’s all join in fanning that fire not only on April 20, but every day we come to work.

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