Safe Handling – it can save your life

To the world, today is Safe Handling Awareness Day. For healthcare workers who prepare and administer hazardous drugs, it’s Safe Handling Awareness Day every day.  I hope you are signed up for today’s complimentary CE Webinar that will highlight employee safety and the proper handling of hazardous drugs.  Register by 12:30 p.m. or 2:30 p.m.  EST for one of two sessions (1 p.m. or 3 p.m. EST). I encourage you to participate in the live “Ask the Experts” session following the webinars. I’ll be listening to hear your questions and the dialogue you create with these industry thought leaders.

We’ll hear today about the exposure to hazardous drugs healthcare professionals face and the serious concerns that presents. Studies have shown that the number of cancer and chronically ill patients is on the rise which means the use of hazardous drugs to treat these diseases will grow, resulting in a greater potential for exposure of the healthcare worker.

While implementing any system that reduces employee exposure to hazardous drugs is commendable and better than preparing or administering without any protection, your goal should be to follow an all-inclusive plan.  The practices to minimize exposure to hazardous drugs have been summarized in safety guidelines published by ISOPP, NIOSH and ASHP and encourage the use of PPE, engineering controls and equipment used to administer hazardous drugs such as a proven closed-system drug transfer device such as PhaSeal®.

I want to challenge decision makers to supply your facility with the right safety devices and healthcare workers to follow the procedures that will help keep you safe.

As the official sponsor for Safe Handling Awareness Month (April) and Day (today!), Carmel Pharma celebrates the oncology healthcare workers and the very important work they perform. In May, the Oncology Nursing Society will launch Oncology Nurses Month and we want to be the first to thank these dedicated, talented professionals for the significant contribution they make to the healthc are industry and the difference they make to their patients.

In an effort to continue the education about the safe handling of hazardous drugs and extend a ‘nod’ to oncology nurses, Carmel Pharma is offering a free CE breakfast at ONS Congress titled Reducing the Risk of Hazardous Drug Exposure: A Recipe for Success on Thursday, April 28th.  Registration closes tomorrow (April 21st) so sign up today.

Get ready for information-packed sessions to heighten your awareness.

On this day, let’s renew our dedication to safe handling of hazardous drugs.

Your life depends on it. Others’ lives depend on it.

And we’re counting on you.

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